New functionalities

Improved signing Middle Sized assurance

The signing step during the digital signing of Middle-Sized Assurance documents has been simplified and improved. The following steps must be followed in order to sign a flow:

In your dashboard an Alert is, as usual, available that the financial statement must be signed. After clicking on the alert, the following image will be visible. Click on Approve.

Op pop-up screen appears that will guide you through the signing process. The first step is to open the Digidentity app and scan the QR-code. The app will ask you to fill in your pin code/fingerprint/face recognition to login.

After logging in, the signature file is created, and the “hash” submitted to Digidentity. After the submission, you will receive your second notification on your mobile with the Digidentity request to sign Flow ####.

Enter again your pin code/fingerprint/face recognition for security reasons and the document is signed.

After performing these steps, the screen will automatically renew and show the following image. At this moment the document is successfully signed and the client will receive his usual task to review and submit the document to the Chamber of Commerce.