New functionalities


The design of the PBCL has received a major update. Besides this we also added a number of new functionalities

  • PBCL Dashboard
    The landingspage of the PBCL exists out of a new dashboard, here you have an overview of all the entities you have access to.

  • Progression overview
    In a table, the progression overview shows you per PBCL an overview what the progress and risks are of the questionnaires. The questionnaires can be filtered based on year, progression, type and clientname.

  • Deadlines
    Adding a deadline has been moved from Yearplan to the configuration page of the PBCL. As a result, you can directly add the required end-date for the PBCL the moment you are creating the questionnaire. As an additional bonus the deadline can now be applied to all types of PBCLs.

An impression of the renewed application: 

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

For more information you can read the new manuals on our knowledge base 


  • Various improvements in the background that contribute to optimum performance and the stability of the platform
  • Docflow
    • For approval/reject actions it is possible to assign the action to multiple users. (the implementation depends on the flow configuration)
    • The performance of loading the list of available flows is improved
  • Docflow Dashboard
    • A better distinction is made between AFAS FTP & GET connectors in the logging of external services
    • The csv export has improved the timeformats for usage in Excel