- Update look en feel

- Option added to move files

- Improved overview of 'Recent Documents'


- Update look en feel

- Online editing of word and excel files(Edit Online)

- Improve process for resetting password and MFA

- Issue solved with exporting PBCL wit large amount of data

- Improvements in login and session expiry. When your session expires we rembember what page you were and move you there when you log in again.


- Docflow API can process files from external software parties based on company numbers. For example VAT number for VAT flows or CoC number for Financial statements.  

Financial Reporting

- For importing financial data from Twinfield, we now get 3 years of history. (previous 2 years) 


- When you have an active session you will automatically be sent to the dashboard if you navigate to the login page.


- Several improvements in the background that contribute to optimal performance, usability and the stability of the platform