• The Docflow status can now be viewed in Twinfield for the flows that has been started after 24th of September. The overview in Twinfield is automatically updated with the Docflow statuses, resulting an overview with completed flows and open tasks. Manually changing the statuses in Twinfield isn’t necessary anymore. 
  • A preview of a xbrl document wasn’t shown when special characters we’re used in the document title. This bug is fixed.
  • When client users don’t have permission to start a flow theirselves the left menu ‘Start a new flow’ is hidden from the user. 


  • A Drive folder ‘Internal’ is added for internal use. Only the organisation users have access to this folder. Internal or unfinished documents related to that client can be saved and is not accessible by client users.
  • When clicking on a document in Drive the document was directly downloaded. Now it’s possible to open the document in a new tab when your browser supports this action.
  • Multiple UI improvements have been made.


  • Assign new appointments to organisation users. When the ‘Make alert’ checkbox is marked the organisation user will receive a reminder for this appointment.
  • An extra overview is added for all pending appointments for all organisations. The organisation user has one overview with all open actions for all organisations. 
  • Other improvements to UI and usability of the platform.

Additional improvements

  • Error messages are improved so it’s clear why the error occurs. In this case the user can try a solution by himself to avoid this error. 
  • Improvements to SBR-api for stability and quality